Our Vision, Our Aim and Our Values


Providing Infinite Opportunities – Ensuring the best education for our children and young people


To do more and to do it better


Opportunities for all

Inclusion: We provide a caring environment where we champion all children and young people, as well as the staff that support them. 

Equality: We are firm in our belief that a child’s future should be defined by their talents and aspirations, not limited by the challenges they may face. 

Opportunities to care

Dignity and respect: We create an environment where all people are accepted, respected, engaged and supported. We are committed to supporting others to ensure the best education and life chances. 

Safety and Wellbeing: We are dedicated to our young people and staff; their physical and emotional well-being as well as their education. We understand that when people feel safe in their environment, their chance of success is greatly increased. 

Opportunities together

Working in partnership: We work in collaboration and partnership with staff, stakeholders and the wider professional and local community. We are proactive and flexible, sharing best practice with others.

Supportive: We work together, as a family of schools, to achieve the best for our children and young people. 

Opportunities for life

Aspirational: We have high aspirations for ourselves and others. We have a shared vision of improving the life chances of our children and young people and their families.  

Personalisation: We recognise people as individuals and have developed a personalised approach to all aspects of school life so that our children and young people are fully prepared for adult life. We are committed to the training and development of our staff to ensure they are highly skilled. 

Horizons Specialist Academy Trust
Abbey Hill Academy
Ketton Road
TS19 8BU

Email: enquiries@horizonstrust.org.uk
Tel: 01642 677113


Horizons Specialist Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee (Company No 08608287) and exempt charity registered in England and Wales.

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