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HSAT Research & Development Projects - Summary Document


Enquiry Focus Research question explored Staff Members Impact
Sensory stories – levels of engagement Do levels of engagement [of students] increase during the period of telling a sensory story, and what does that engagement look like. Cro, Sro, Dmc(Abbey Hill) I will continue to use sensory stories with students with PMLD.The enquiry has Confirmed what we thought we knew regarding engagement, but has increased focus on what we could look for.Unfortunately time has defeated us this term – we (SR and DMcC) will get together early next term to look at results, and hopefully produce something concrete by end of the year (2016)
Use of QR codes I wanted to see if the use of QR codes enhances the learning experience of my students. Gho(Abbey Hill) It can be time consuming to make codes, however, in lessons where I have linked to video for use in class it saved a lot of time in lesson and allowed a more varied selection of stuff to get done in less time. Having an interactive displays has allowed me to help students who cannot read well access and reflect upon, and build upon learning. It has been fab to be able to listen to feedback from students, and let it inform future planning.

Feedback given to students has been listened to, so the student can reflect repeatedly on what is to improve rather than a comment being read by a teacher once.

Regarding next steps I would like to consider How can we simplify the process? Can we try other on line marking/ feedback such as showbie or similar app? I also hope to Roll out to interested staff. Share ideas.

The Daily Mile/ Green Gates Gallop To reduce the number of behavioural incidents throughout the school day. Kja (Green Gates) Engaging in the outdoor environment was a ‘welcome break’ for the learners.The evidence suggested a significant reduction in MRIs.The Gallop has shown that ensuring the correct mind set is in place can significantly increase the classroom learning environment.The next steps is to consider alternative arrangements when the weather is poor and ensuring all staff continue are on board the ‘Green gate gallop’ initiative.
Books for PMLD/ CAN students Are there age appropriate books on the market and if not can we develop some. Vbo(Abbey Hill) A number of PMLD/ CAN books were developed. Students appeared to engage directly with the illustrations and relate what they see to actions and sounds.Next steps will be to explore tactile books for those with limited vision and also photo books. However the difficulty of using photo books is to ensure the back ground does not distract.
Talk and Draw To engage CAN students with the concept/ strategies of ‘Talk and Draw’ to enhance and develop further communication. Vro(Abbey Hill) Vro embark on the training.The core of the method is encouraging the children to draw with a person they feel comfortable with regularly at the same time each week, and this person asking some non-intrusive questions about the child’s drawings. The sessions were rolled out with several CAN students who engaged well in the programme. Further sessions to be embedded next year with targeted students and TGIW sessions.


Research currently been conducted

Enquiry Focus Staff Members
The impact of Music Therapy Mbl
SENCO project – The use of Ipad technology Gho
Safeguarding toolkit/ 5point scale DMc, Cbe, DSO officers
Give us a break Dmc, Additional staff Tbc
Video interaction guidance and video enhanced reflective practice Kli and Dmc
Continuation of Sensory stories Cro, Sro
Continuation of the Green Gates Gallop Kja