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Policies & Guidance Documents

Statutory Policies which apply to all Academies within Horizons Specialist Academy Trust

Complaints Policy - the aim of this policy is to ensure that a concern or complaint is managed sympathetically, efficiently and at the appropriate level and resolved as soon as possible. Doing so is good practice, it is fair to those concerned and it helps to promote parents’ and students’ confidence in the Trust's ability to safeguard and promote welfare. We will try to resolve every concern or complaint in a positive way with the aim of resolving the issue in a transparent manner. The Trust expects that most concerns can be resolved informally and guarantees to treat seriously and confidentially all concerns whether raised informally or formally.

Behaviour Policy - the policy sets the clear expectations that all pupils and students will be encouraged to maintain the highest standards of behaviour at all times, and includes the Trust's principles and how these principles are put into practice.

Charging and Remissions Policy - the policy explains those activities where no charges will be made and those which will incur charges to parents/carers.  Information is also provided as to where there will be remission of charges, eg parents/carers in receipt of eligible benefits.

E-Safety Policy- as E-Safety is an important aspect of strategic leadership within the Trust, the Chief Executive, Principals and Directors have ultimate responsibility to ensure that the policy and practices are embedded and monitored.  This policy, supported by the Trust's Acceptable Use Agreements for staff, Directors, visitors and pupils, is to protect the interests and safety of the whole Horizons Specialist Academy Trust community.

Child Protection Policy - Horizons Specialist Academy Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare, both physical and emotional, of every pupil both inside and outside of the Trust premises. We implement a trust wide preventative approach to managing safeguarding concerns, ensuring that the wellbeing of pupils is at the forefront of all action taken.

This policy sets out a clear and consistent framework for delivering this promise, in line with safeguarding legislation and statutory guidance.

It will be achieved by:

  • Creating a culture of safer recruitment by adopting procedures that help deter, reject or identify people who might pose a risk to children.
  • Teaching pupils through the curriculum what safeguarding means, how to keep safe and recognise behaviour that is unacceptable.
  • Identifying and making provision for any pupil that has been subject to abuse.
  • Ensuring that members of the Board of Directors, Principals and staff members understand their responsibilities under safeguarding legislation and statutory guidance, are alert to the signs of child abuse and know to refer concerns to the DSL.
  • Ensuring that the Principals and any new staff members and volunteers are only appointed when all the appropriate checks have been satisfactorily completed.

Admissions Policy - information on admission to the academies within Horizons Specialist Academy Trust.  Please also see the Trust's Admissions Statement.

Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme - the Trust has adopted the Department for Education Freedom of Information Act publication scheme for academies.

Accessibility Plan - drawn up in accordance with the Equality Act 2011 and Part 3 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

Single Equality Policy- the Trust's response to the specific and general duties in current equality legislation, capturing how the Trust is systematically establishing and implementing good practice in equality and diversity across all areas of Trust life.

SEN Policy - detailing how the Trust champions the rights of students with special educational needs and highlights the drive and determination of all Academies within the Trust to provide high quality educational and learning experiences for all pupils and students.

Provider Access Policy

Policy Statements for all HSAT Academies detailing how students in years 8-13 are provided with with access to providers of post-14, post-16 and post-18 education and training can be accessed below.

Abbey Hill Academy

Abbey Hill Academy Sixth Form

Hollis Academy

Westlands Academy

If you require information with regard to any of the Trust's policy or guidance documents please do not hesitate to contact us