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20th July 2016

As you will be aware from previous correspondence, Horizons Specialist Academy Trust (HSAT) is an approved academy sponsor and our Trust has been identified by the DfE as the designated sponsor of Prince Bishop School in Middlesbrough.

As result of a range of Ofsted inspections since 2014, when Prince Bishop School was judged as requiring ‘Special Measures’ , the Department for Education issued the Governing Body of Prince Bishop with a Directed academy Order that names Horizons Specialist academy Trust (HSAT) as the designated sponsor.

The sponsorship arrangement will result in intervention to support Prince Bishop School to bring about more rapid and sustained improvement than has to date been realised.The Local Authority and Governing Body are fully supportive of this approach.In addition, the Directors of our Trust have given approval for HSAT to progress the sponsorship arrangements and welcome Prince Bishop School into our HSAT family as this sits with the aim and vision of the trust.

Our sole aim – and the reason why we are established as a multi-academy trust – is to expand opportunities for students with special educational needs and “to do more and to do it better” by supporting the development of the full potential of each and every student.The curriculum on offer:

  1. provides bespoke pathways to establish key skills in literacy and numeracy as well as providing opportunities for the further and future learning necessary for adult life and the fullest possible involvement in the local community.
  2. is broad - in order to ensure that it is tailored to the individual needs of each student.
  3. emphasises Accreditation as a means of recognising achievement – Entry Level, GCSEs, and other appropriate qualifications.
  4. prepares students for life, lifelong learning, and participation in employment within their local communities.To achieve this, the development of independence skills, social skills, and the participation in work experience and other vocational activities are essential elements.

As a Trust, we will achieve similar outcomes for the learning community at Prince Bishop as a result of the tested strength of our internal structures and mechanisms:

  1. We have a strong governance structure – within which the Board communicates its direction and vision through the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  2. The CEO is held accountable for all aspects of the Trust, including standards.
  3. The CEO holds the Principal of each Academy to account for its performance.
  4. The Principals in turn are supported through cross-cutting services such as staff personnel, finance, facilities management and IT support – all to a high standard.
  5. Collaboration of leadership across the Academies provides support as well as opportunities for professional development.We will also share training expertise across the Academies.
  6. Staff can develop the curriculum cooperatively and collaboratively with colleagues – thereby removing any isolated subject responsibility.“No member of staff left alone” is a guiding principle.
  7. The provision of valuable, enjoyable experiences for students is the inevitable result of this strong collaboration and working together – in particular in ensuring that all students are safe.
  8. Finally, we encourage and ensure that our school communities work with parents.We will support parents/carers to support their children and young people and offer a range of opportunities for parents to keep up to date with new developments – including training to support the use of iPads and the completion of homework.

Our aim is to improve the learning experience for each and every student by ensuring that all students at Prince Bishop School can progress to the best of their individual ability: academically, socially and emotionally.We will do this by addressing the needs identified by Ofsted and by listening to your feedback.Our priorities will be to:

  1. Improve the quality of teaching and learning so that it is consistently good and enables all students, in all subjects, to be challenged in their learning and reach their full potential.
  2. Improve students’ behaviour and safety.
  3. Improve the effectiveness of leadership and management.

We want to ensure that Prince Bishop is a good school that, together with the other academies in our family of schools;

  1. provides high quality educational and learning experiences which develop:
  • confident individuals who are positive about who they are and what they can achieve
  • successful, enthusiastic and motivated learners
  • positive participants in their local and wider communities
  1. has staff who are excellent practitioners
  2. has a parent group which is confident in the education being provided and enjoys their own experience of the school community.
  3. is recognised by Ofsted as being a provision of genuine quality.

It is hoped Prince Bishop School will join the Trust on 1st September 2016 - further updates will be provided in due course.

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