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Pens down at Abbey Hill on 4 October!

22nd September 2017

Abbey Hill is taking part in No Pens Day Wednesday. The aim of No Pens Day is to encourage the skills of communication, speaking and listening, which are so important for our children’s learning and well-being. For one day, children in the school will put down their pens and all lessons and activities will have a focus on speaking and listening skills rather than writing skills.

How will your child benefit?

No Pens Day Wednesday gives your child a chance to practice their communication, speaking and listening skills for a whole school day. The day will allow all pupils in your child’s class to become involved in a whole school event, and to contribute to class activities, getting a chance to talk. Abbey Hill pupils will be able to use what they have learnt from this day throughout the school year.

Parents and carers can find out more about this day by speaking to your child’s form tutor or Sue Rowney, Speech and Language Therapist.

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