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Outstanding result from Ofsted!

20th August 2015

Leadership and management in the sixth form are excellent. Leaders are highly motivated to provide the very best opportunities possible for the students in their personal and academic achievements. This is seen for example, in the outstanding commitment to provide mainstream GCSE qualifications for the most able students.

The outstanding curriculum supports students exceedingly well in developing their independence, self- confidence and self-reliance and provides them with skills they can use in their future employment.

Students’ progress is outstanding. This is seen in their excellent achievement in English and mathematics, where a very strong focus is placed on developing their literacy and numeracy skills. Students, particularly the most able, gain considerable confidence in their abilities to study GCSE courses.

Teaching in the sixth form is outstanding. Relationships between students and staff are outstanding and staff have an excellent understanding of students’ individual needs. Teachers are very skilled in adapting their teaching to develop students’ understanding and to ensure they produce high-quality work. The quality of marking is consistently good. Students are very clear how to improve their work, including their portfolios for external assessment.

Students have excellent opportunities to understand challenging topics, such as justice. Students enthusiastically share their opinions and became familiar with the legal language of barristers and defendants.

Students’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are excellent because they are highly engaged in their activities and very respectful of the teaching staff and other students. They are given encouragement to work independently and can do so extremely successfully.

Leaders and staff work together to ensure that students are kept very safe. Students get on exceedingly well with staff and know there is always someone to talk to. Students feel very safe. Staff keep a close watch on making sure students use equipment safely in practical activities.

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