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Making music

21st February 2018

Making music

Since the start of the term, pupils have been looking at composing songs by using only 7 letters on the keyboards. They have written down what they think works well together, and followed simple rules to create a melody.

Next, we will be looking at adding an accompaniment, before making a CD of their tune.

Pupils have been learning how to extend their composition, by repeating the notes, using inversion, or by missing notes off their original tune.

Below is a sample of J’s composition, which he has achieved in 1 lesson. He looked at adding the notes himself, and I then helped him with the accompaniment.

Also, I have been pleased with the progress of the pupils on the drum kit; they are now able to play different 4/4 rhythms with a fill. After Easter, pupils will be looking to play new instruments; it will be good for them to learn something new.

Keep up the good work!

Graham Wylie - Music Teacher

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