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HSAT / Tesco Writing Competition

26th June 2014

HSAT / Tesco Writing Competition

On Tuesday 24 June 2014, Colin Whittaker (Chair of HSAT’s Board of Directors), Darryl Collier (Tesco Store Manager) and Jane Chapman (Tesco Community Champion) presented six pupils with prizes for their tremendous efforts in writing.

The HSAT writing competition had initially been proposed by Colin as a result of an Ofsted recommendation (Westlands Inspection January 2013) which stated that there needed to be a stronger focus on writing to support pupil achievement.Colin had subsequently written to Tesco requesting their support in providing prizes.

Pupils from all three HSAT Provisions embraced the competition and many fabulous pieces of work were produced.

Of the six winners, there were three 1st prizes, all of whom were presented with a Tesco Hudl (one of which had been donated by Tesco) and the runners up were presented with Parker Pens donated by Tesco.

The winners were as follows:

Abbey Hill School & Technology

1st prize – ‘Mythical Story’ by David Lillyston

2nd prize – ‘Mythical Story’ by Shanelle McGloin

Green Gates @ Westlands

1st prize – ‘Submarine Tower’ by Lewis Golightly

2nd prize – ‘Count Dracula’ by Mike McAveeney


1st prize – A letter re animal testing by Nathan Lee

2nd prize – ‘The Terrible Vampire Story’ by Beth Turner

The Chair expressed his congratulations to all the winners, who were given the opportunity to discuss further their pieces of writing and expand on what had influenced them.

Darryl Collier, Tesco Store Manager, presented the prizes to the winners and commented that on behalf of Tesco, he was delighted to be involved in the Writing Competition and was looking forward to working in partnership with Horizons Specialist Academy Trust in the future.

Please see HSAT Gallery for photographs of the event.

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