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Congratulations to all Winners!!

7th November 2014

Congratulations to all Winners!!

Following these results the staff carried out some student consultations regarding rewards during their tutor periods. After careful deliberation, the Principal developed a rewards programme based upon what the students had highlighted during the consultations.

This is how it works:

When a student completes a really good piece of work or when they do something in college that is special they are given a rewards point which is written up on sims by the teacher.

For every rewards point a student gets they receive a raffle ticket for a draw at the end of every half term.

The draw takes place on the last day of half term and a raffle is drawn so that two students from each tutor group receive £15 high street voucher each. We have 8 tutor groups in total which includes our post 19 group. This gives the opportunity of 16 students winning a £15 voucher each - (WOW).

On Thursday 23rd October we ran our first draw which was very exciting for all of the students.

We all gathered together in the dining hall with all of the students and the staff.

The Principal then carried out a draw for two students from each tutor group to win £15 worth of high street vouchers each.

The students that won the vouchers were delighted with their £15 vouchers, which they were able to spend over the half term holiday. Some students bought CDs , others bought DVDs and some bought computer games.

In total the college had 298 tickets collected from all of the students at the college. That means that there were 298 accounts of sims when a student did something good in college, like work very hard in a lesson, produce a good piece of work, show good progression in reading or perhaps help another student.

Well done to all of the students what a fantastic start to the new term.

The number to beat this half term is 298 tickets. The date of the next draw in Friday 19th December.


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