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Chief Executive's end of term letter to parents

21st July 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

Is it really the end of another school year already?The Ancient Romans had a phrase for it – “Tempus Fugit” (Time flies!).Indeed, watching the latest Bond film recently, I noticed that James Bond also used this phrase.So, if it is good enough for 007 it is good enough for me!

I say it every year at this time but it’s as true now as ever!It has been another very busy year for the Trust and for each academy within it:

  • The exam period is over and we look forward to receiving the outcomes.I am sure you have been supporting your child through GCSEs and other exams and I know that you too will be anticipating the expected results.
  • There are always many school events in the summer term and I am sure you will be aware of how much your child has enjoyed being involved in these:
    • I would highlight the leavers’ concert at Green Gates, which as always will bring tear to the eyes of those parents and carers whose child is moving on from primary to secondary school.
    • I would also mention the Edinburgh trip for students at Abbey Hill Academy - which was a great success. The students came home tired but I believe the staff slept for most of the weekend upon their return!Thank you to the staff for their support with this.
    • The annual camping trip for Westlands students is also a welcome event – although camping in the Lake District can often be a damp experience!
    • It is always difficult to say farewell and those students moving from Abbey Hill Secondary enjoyed a wonderful Prom to mark the end of their time at Abbey Hill.Most of the students will move to the Abbey Hill Sixth Form at Sheraton but a number are moving on to other provisions beyond our Trust.This must be a proud moment for you as parents/carers and I thank you for the support you have given these students and our staff over the last five years.
    • Westlands leavers and Abbey Hill Sixth Form leavers enjoyed a meal out with staff from each Academy. Most of these young people will be moving on to further education colleges.We wish them well in their futures.

I would like to thank you for all your support.I have absolutely no doubt that our pupils and students enjoy their time at school and college - particularly because of the support you give our staff and your positive contribution to the life and work of our school communities.

I would also like to thank all Trust staff for their hard work.Each year seems to pass more quickly and yet there is so much more to achieve within the time available to us.In particular, I would want to acknowledge the wonderful job each of them does in leading the senior management teams within each academy and in their contribution to the overall leadership and direction of the Trust:

  • Rebecca Whelan – Principal at Abbey Hill Academy Secondary
  • Kathryn Lindop – Acting Principal Abbey Hill Academy Sixth Form
  • Anita Amos – Retiring Principal at Green Gates Academy; and Melanie Lyons – now Principal at Green Gates but previously Principal at Abbey Hill Sixth Form
  • Pete Ewart, Principal at Westlands Academy; and lastly
  • Fred Griffin MBE – Head of Care at Westlands Residential.

I must also record my deep appreciation of the support and advice they offer me throughout the school year.I could not do my job without them.

HSAT has been doing so well that the Trust has now been asked to sponsor another school and welcome it into our HSAT family.Prince Bishop School in Middlesbrough will join us, hopefully in time for the start of the new school year in September.We are delighted to have them join us and I look forward to us all working together in the times that lie ahead.I will keep you updated on developments.

Finally, two specific mentions – Fred Griffin, our Head of Care, received an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.Very well done, Fred, and so very well deserved!As noted earlier in this letter, Anita Amos, Principal at Green Gates retires after many years of committed service.Best wishes, Anita, for your retirement!Green Gates parents will already have met Mel Lyons who started in June as Principal there.

Have a lovely holiday.I suspect that most of you, like me, are looking at the long-range weather forecasts!And, please remember, the return date for pupils and students is Tuesday 6th September.

Very Best Wishes

Elizabeth Horne CBE

Chief Executive

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