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Abbey Hill celebrate National Healthy Eating week

11th June 2017

Monday 12th June - Friday 16th June 2017 marks National Healthy Eating week.

At Abbey Hill the students and staff within Stephenson and Walker buildings will be engaging in a few health based activities during the week to support our ethos. We understand the importance of supporting our students to make 'good' food choices and to be as active as possible and these are the messages we will be delivering during the week through assemblies and various lessons.

Morelife continue to work with us by providing students with an additional PE lesson on Monday where students and staff will have lots of fun. Tesco's think that what we are doing is very worthwhile and to support us they are kindly donating fresh fruit which will be give out to the students on Wednesday.

Tuck shop staff and the dinner staff are getting involved as well with a variety of very healthy food options available during the week.

Find out more about this national event here

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