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Abbey Hill Academy are proud to announce that we are now a MOVE Centre.

12th October 2018

Abbey Hill Academy are proud to announce that we are now a MOVE Centre, after a number of staff completed a 2 day training course to become ‘Senior MOVE Practitioners’.

The MOVE Programme is an integrated, collaborative approach to care and support for disabled people. The Move Programme offers a programme of learning whilst increasing functional mobility and independence through personalised care and support, positively enhancing the lives of disabled children and disabled people with complex needs.

With the support of everyone involved – from teachers and therapists, to family and friends, the Move Programme brings everyone’s expertise together, enabling disabled people to achieve their goals; not only improving their physical and communication skills, but also their independence, social skills, and overall quality of life.

The Move Programme is a philosophy, a way of life for disabled children, and disabled people with complex needs; providing the personalised care and support they need to gain functional mobility, and increased independence.

Put simply, the Move Programme is a practice put in place so disabled children and disabled people with complex needs are supported to gain the physical and communication skills they need in order to:

  • SIT to eat, participate in activities, education and eventual employment;
  • STAND to increase strength, mobility and flexibility;
  • WALK to participate in play or complete tasks, with and without support;
  • TRANSITION from bed to chair or sitting to standing.

This is achieved through instruction, adaptive equipment, knowledge of education, therapy and family support. It is based on the principle of using and creating functional and routine opportunities to practice physical skills.

The MOVE Programme focuses on what the child can already do, not what they cannot do. It is a positive approach and goals are set that are realistic, achievable and functional. The aim of MOVE is that children are given opportunities to learn and practice new skills on a daily basis, that will help develop independence, family life, social skills and well-being. Every achievement is recognised and celebrated.

For further information, please visit the website HERE

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