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A classroom without walls!

2nd November 2015

A classroom without walls!

As part of their opportunities for outdoor learning, every child will take their turn to attend Forest school on Wednesday mornings with the school's own Forest school leader, Miss Logan and their class teacher and support staff. We have our very own space that offers children the exciting opportunity to learn and play in a safe yet open space. It aims to develop children's self-esteem and confidence through risk taking and problem solving in safe and a pressure free environment. Forest school also allows children to socialise and build peer relationships in a more engaging and 'free' environment which helps children to develop their skills for working within a group.

They look forward to it every morning and students are even excited to go out in wet weather due to their water proofs - it's an invaluable experience that get children excited about learning and out of the classroom.

We have recently had an article published on the Gazette (link to follow). It read;

"The students at Green Gates Primary School were finally able to explore their very own our door class space in Eaglescliffe Forest School as part of their opportunities for outdoor learning. Everyone was filled with excitement and enthusiasm to learn, with one student exclaiming, “I’m glad we’ve come here because now I want to learn everything about nature!”

Walking through the woodland, the children spotted lots of different birds, insects and there was even a few fairy sightings in the Fairy Patch. They added to the mystery and fun of the forest by creating clay faces to watch the forest at night. Students were scavenging through the woods for fallen leaves, twigs, berries and a few ruffled feathers to create their works of art and put their claim on the forest.

As they explored the Forest the children found lots of instruments made from natural materials tied to trees and had a great time creating some wonderful music and loved the freedom of being able to dance in such a large space knowing that no one was watching!

Finally the Green Gates students were shown their very own space in the woods to use for their outdoor classroom. They had stools, shelter and even a fire pit! The children discussed all of the different topics they could learn about and the projects they could create during their time in Forest School. The success of the introduction alone was enough to reassure all that a classroom without walls really is possible!"

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