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Post 16

Post 16 Transition Guarantee - What Hollis Academy will do.

Hollis Academy provides a comprehensive package of impartial careers-advice and guidance, work experience, inspirational experiences and aspiration days throughout years 7 - 11 to help inspire and inform our students about their future employment options and help them make the right choices as they graduate from our Academy and move forward in their careers and education.This is one of the most important changes in your child’s life and it is very important that the Academy does all it can to make this transition as smooth as possible. We will do this by:

1) Ensuring that all young people have the information, advice and guidance

they need to make choices about their future pathway.

2) Identifying young people at risk of not making the transition to post-16

learning, so that additional support can be given.

3) Collecting and recording information about young people’s intended


4) Delivering ongoing Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIEAG) to

give young people the information they need to apply for post-16 opportunities,

with targeted transition support to engage young people where barriers to learning

are identified.

5) Ensuring that there are strong links in place with local employers, colleges and

alternative education providers.

6) Enabling and supporting our students to take part in a work experience which

reflects their strengths and interests.

7) Widening access to advice on options available post-16 including apprenticeships,

entrepreneurialism and other vocational routes.

8) Working with local authorities and other organisations to provide a

seamless transition to the next destination.

9) Supporting and helping prepare your son/daughter for interviews and helping them

to develop their CV and personal statement.

10) Providing detailed information to the pupils chosen destination, which will

inform them how your son/daughter learns best, what support they may need

and any other issues that may arise.

For more information on Post-16 transition you can speak to Ms. Vance on 01642 855010

Also on this page is a list of the Colleges and alternative provision centres located in and around Middlesbrough; please click on the link to visit their website and see what they have to offer.