Providing infinite opportunities

Our Academy

"Dreams don't work unless you do."

Hollis Academy caters for up to 84 pupils, all of whom have a statement of Special Educational Need in respect of SEMHD, (Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Difficulties).

Our aim is to ensure that all pupils thrive and achieve their very best in all aspects of school life regardless of any barriers to learning they may bring with them.

We believe that praise, encouragement and rewards are important in creating a good learning environment and for fostering good working relationships.

A friendly, positive attitude is essential for promoting equal opportunities in order to meet the individual needs of the young people at Hollis.

We are totally committed to providing your child with an educational experience that will prove to be a firm foundation for life.

The staff warmly welcome all – new pupils, parents, carers, staff and visitors to Hollis.

We believe that education is about acquiring good personal and thinking skills, developing communication and ICT skills; it is about becoming creative and reflective, in order to communicate ideas and thoughts that can be shared with others.

We believe that education is also about developing self confidence, maturing socially and emotionally and becoming independent, in order to make sound lifestyle choices that can develop them as individuals.

Vision and Ethos

At Hollis Academy we aim to provide a safe, happy, caring and well ordered environment within which every child can thrive. We recognise the importance of working closely with a range of parties that include other local schools and colleges, the Local Authority, Health, Police and the local community. Students at Hollis will be valued both as individuals and as part of the wider school community.