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As part of an Academy Trust we are funded through the Education Funding Agency, not through the local authority. Academies get the same level of funding for each pupil as local authority schools in the same area; their notional SEN budget is worked out in the same way; they can get top-up funding from the local authority in the same way. Academies do get extra funding, but this is not related to SEN: it is for services that Academies have to buy for themselves, services that are provided by the local authority for local authority schools.

National Funding Headlines:

  • In April 2013 the government made changes to the way that funding is provided to schools. The funding changes do not change the legal responsibilities of schools and local authorities for children with special educational needs (SEN).
  • The government is also making changes to the SEN system. The changes, currently set out in the Children and Families Bill, will start in September 2014. We are aiming to deliver an information session on the changes for all parents/carers early in the Autumn Term.
  • The government has now finalised the funding that will be available for primary schools to deliver universal free school meals to all pupils in Reception, Year 1, and Year 2, beginning in September this year. £1bn has been committed for this policy in the budget for the next two years, with an allocation of £2.30 per meal taken. In addition, the government will be providing £150m capital to help schools upgrade their kitchens and dining rooms to meet the expected increased demand.

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