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Green Gates Academy

SEMHD Primary School

Staff at Green Gates Academy feel very lucky and privileged to work with some of the area’s most unique and wonderful children. For that reason we strive to create a happy, inspirational environment in which your child can flourish.

Experienced staff work hard to ensure that the individual needs of each child are met and we recognise that every child is different and it is our job to make sure that they are given the opportunity to learn in a stimulating way that best meets their learning needs. 

We understand that if a child is struggling to deal with their emotions and manage their behaviour they need a caring and supportive setting that helps them to develop a respect for themselves and those around them.

So what will you see as you enter Green Gates Academy...

  • A small, nurturing environment, with small class sizes.
  • A creative curriculum, designed to inspire children as well as build on the key basic elements for learning.
  • Confident, polite, happy children, keen to learn.
  • Imaginative use of resources.
  • Achievement and success stories displayed in every corridor.
  • Enthusiastic, caring staff.
  • A sense of pride!

At Green Gates we begin caring about your child from the moment they walk through our door and as children often join us from mainstream settings, we make every effort to ensure that their transition from their previous primary school to ours is a success. 

We have key members of staff whose job it is to work alongside families in this situation so that parents and carers can fully understand how best we can meet their child’s needs.  However, our care for families doesn’t just stop there.  Every member of staff understands the importance of working closely with families and the positive impact it can have for the children we teach as well as the wider school community.  

Who to speak to with a query if you are a parent or member of the public

For any further information or details of our services and opportunities for young people please use the following contact details:

Green Gates Academy

Melton Road




Tel: 01642 570104