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Promoting mental health and wellbeing


The Mental Health and Well- Being of students at Abbey Hill Academy is one of our main priorities. We know how important it is for all of our young people to be happy, secure and safe in school and we have robust systems in place to ensure this happens on a daily basis. We place huge emphasis on our Pastoral system and each student has a designated tutor and Special Needs Assistant (SNA) who get to build solid relationships between home and school. We also have fortnightly pastoral meetings where we discuss individual students and any difficulties they may be having. There are also designated Vice Principals for Pastoral and Well-Being and Safeguarding and Child Protection who liaise with tutors and SNA’s on a daily basis.

We have trained staff in school who can offer some 1:1 play, art or music intervention to students highlighted as needing some additional time or support. We also have Stepping Stones Nurture provision which can offer more intensive work around developing student’s social skills over a half termly or termly basis.

If students require a more specialised approach, we have a monthly Behaviour Clinic with CAMHS where we discuss individual students and their needs and work collaboratively on a personalised behaviour plan. Alternatively, we work very closely with Alliance (TAMHS) and make regular student referrals if we feel that they require a more professional intervention. We have 2 TAMHS therapists who are in school every Monday and Tuesday who each have up to 5 students on their caseload. They work closely with parents and the young people for a minimum 6-week intensive block. Those students waiting for professional therapy are placed on a waiting list which is monitored by school.

From September 2017 we also have a designated Mental Health Champion in school who will receive specialist training as part of the Stockton Local Authority’s Future in Mind project.The Champion will be the first point of contact for students who are raising concerns or to offer advice and support to staff.

If you feel like you need any support with your child please contact school. If you require emergency assistance out of hours the CAMHS emergency crisis helpline number is 0300 013 2000


Abbey Hill Academy also value the Mental Health and Well Being of all of their staff.

Staff who are involved with students who have life-limiting conditions are offered sessions to speak to a trained counsellor and also take part in some relaxation sessions. All staff who are involved in Child Protection or are part of the in house therapeutic teams are offered frequent Supervision sessions.

Well Being sessions on massage and mindfulness are offered to all staff and at least one staff meeting per half term is freed up so that staff can pursue something of interest to them.

Abbey Hill Academy is also committed to following the recent ‘Reducing Teacher Workload’ guidance published by Ofsted, DfE and teaching unions.