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How we know if children need extra help and what parents/carers should do if they think their child may have special educational needs

  • We are a special school for children between 11 and 19 years who usually have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care plan relating to Learning Difficulties.
  • We have children with complex needs, severe learning difficulties, moderate learning difficulties and children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.
  • If you feel your child’s special educational needs have changed or are not being met within their current school then please get in touch with either your child’s class teacher or the Principal, Rebecca Whelan.

How our academy staff support children

  • All of our staff are highly skilled; they oversee the short and long term outcomes identified in the Statement or EHC Plan.
  • All staff will be aware of your child’s needs and will ensure that you are kept fully involved if there are any changes to that plan.

How the curriculum will be matched to your child’s needs

  • We cover a range of appropriate programmes linked to the National Curriculum, which are modified to suit your child.
  • We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on literacy, numeracy and independent skills.
  • We have several reading schemes to make sure that all learners are catered for.
  • We offer accreditation at various levels and in various subjects so that all children can achieve to their potential.
  • Within the sixth form (16 – 19 years) young people are given the opportunity to continue their literacy and numeracy and either extend their accreditations or move on to GCSE’s.
  • We have a strong PHSE curriculum to support the social skills development of all the children.

How we tell you how well your child is doing and what support we have put in place to help your child

  • We encourage parents and carers to have regular contact with school.
  • There are regular opportunities and events to talk to your child’s teacher about their progress, including termly Open Evenings.
  • You will receive regular progress reports in the form of a full yearly report as well as two interim reports. These reports detail what your child has been learning to do and what they will be expected to learn in the future. Each child receives termly targets in core subjects. Students with complex and additional needs will receive an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which specifies the child’s targets and how parents and carers can support their child’s learning. In addition to the regular reports parents and carers receive, each child will have their statement or EHCP reviewed annually, parents and carers are encouraged to attend the review.
  • For those children identified as needing additional support, timely interventions are put in place.
  • Some children will have a home school book to support communication between tutor teams and parents/carers.
  • Opportunities for parents/carers to support their child’s learning are done through the Academy’s home learning scheme. Examples of this can be found on the Academy website.
  • If you have any concerns about your child, staff want to hear from you. Whatever the problem, large or small, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Support we will provide to ensure your child’s overall wellbeing

  • The pastoral system is strong and tutor teams will support your child as they move through the school. Children make good gains in their personal development and staff understand their individual needs very well and are highly skilled in helping them. We have high expectations of all the children and have excellent reward systems to promote good behaviour.
  • If children are struggling with their anxieties, interventions will be put in place to support them.

Specific services and expertise available and accessed at your child’s school

  • We have highly skilled specialist teaching staff.
  • Where it is appropriate children have access to educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and specialist resources i.e. hydro therapy.
  • Other services that may be involved are Youth Directions, STEP’s and Social Care.

How our staff are trained to support children with their special educational needs

  • All staff follow a comprehensive Professional Learning programme, which is tailored to the special educational needs of the children.
  • All staff are trained in Team Teach, which equips them to de-escalate the majority of problems which children may display.
  • The Professional Learning programme ensures that all staff have an awareness of epilepsy and other medical concerns such as asthma.
  • There are opportunities to enrich understanding through additional training in autism, attachment difficulties, dyslexia etc.
  • We have access to Educational psychologists, an Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language professionals to ensure the specific needs of individual pupils are addressed.

How we include all children in activities outside of the classroom and on school trips

  • All children will have the opportunity to take part in activities, whatever they are, outside of the classroom.
  • We have an inclusive approach for all children regardless of their disability or special educational needs.
  • All activities and school trips are designed to enhance a child’s life skills.

How accessible our school environment is

  • Our school environment is fully compliant with accessibility regulations and, in addition, has specialist equipment to ensure inclusion for all within the curriculum.

How school will prepare and support your child to join the school, move to a new school and move onto their next stage of education or life

  • We have comprehensive transitions packages in place at all key stages.
  • We have teachers who as part of their remit have responsibility for transition.
  • We have a good transition programme in place which begins at the end of year 6.
  • Parents are welcome to visit the school, as many times as they need, before their child attends. Monthly tours around school are available and can be booked through reception.
  • If a child is joining us mid-year then, again, parents are invited to visit and to discuss any concerns they might have.
  • Parents are also involved as pupils move to the Sheraton (Abbey Hill Academy Sixth Form) or to other colleges in the area.
  • We have two members of staff to support transition as well as a Parent Support Advisor and Youth Directions who all offer support and guidance.

How we allocate resources to meet your child’s special educational needs

  • Each young person has allocated to them a budget that will meet their specific educational needs which will be outlined in their statement or Education, Health and Care plan.
  • If we feel that a child’s needs have changed then we will talk to you about this.
  • We may need to ask for additional support for your child, you will be involved in all decisions about support.
  • We have access to Educational psychologists, an Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language professionals to ensure the specific needs of individual pupils are addressed.

SEN Information Report

Plese see the Trust's SEN Information Report which will provide you with more information on how as a Trust we support children and young people with special educational needs.

Who you need to contact if you need further information

Rebecca Whelan


Tel: 01642 677113


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