Providing infinite opportunities

Horizons Specialist Academy Trust

I am delighted to welcome you to the website of Horizons Specialist Academy Trust (HSAT) and to share with you the wide range of learning opportunities available to our students.

Horizons Specialist Academy Trust comprises: Abbey Hill Academy (a special school for pupils and students aged 11- 19), Westlands Academy (a special school for pupils aged 11 -16, with a term time residential unit) and Green Gates Academy (a special school for pupils ages 5-11).

Together, our academies provide high quality educational and learning experiences which aim to develop:

  • confident individuals who are positive about who they are and what they can achieve
  • successful, enthusiastic and motivated learners
  • positive participants in their local and wider communities

We have close working relationships with local schools which enable our students to form relationships and links with other children and young people around them.  Established partnerships with post 16 and post 19 education and vocational learning providers help to prepare our students for adulthood. 

We value our close partnership with parents and carers and we actively seek to realise the hopes and aspirations they have for their children and young people. 

Each academy has its own website which I would encourage you to visit where you will hear more from the Principals and our Head of Residential Care about what they do and what their students achieve. 

To do more and to do it better

As a Specialist Academy Trust, HSAT is committed to continuous improvement and the development of services based on the needs of our pupils and students and the aspirations of their parents and carers.  Our Strategic Plan for 2014-2017 - available to download - clearly maps out our goals and actions over the next few years.  I am sure you will find this informative.  A range of other information is also available on our website.

Elizabeth HorneElizabeth Horne
Chief Executive